Our Roots

After 35 years around the game I have seen the sport evolve and go through many transitions. The ingredients that have reigned supreme in regards to becoming the best possible player you can be…have not! Skill development, passion and drive to be great, and embracing the sport and its culture have been mainstays. I have been fortunate enough to grow-up in one of the best lacrosse towns (Yorktown) in America, lacrosse’s version of small town Indiana Basketball. A backyard lacrosse mentality allowed me to think outside the box, hone my skills, and allow the stick to become an extension of my body. My college experience at Syracuse and current job covering the game coast to coast for ESPN has made me realize that it’s ok to have fun while chasing greatness.

Paul Carcaterra’s Hometown Lacrosse gives me the unique opportunity to expose young players to the important aspects of the game, the same players who share my roots (Westchester County). Young players today compete in more games than ever, often times sacrificing reps, skill development, and position specific training techniques.

After founding No Limit Lacrosse in 2000, I am ready to take the next step. Creating a curriculum that gives each player the blueprint to train is my mission. Be prepared to take part in a camp where you get tons of touches during skill stations, learn the intricacies of your position, watch demonstrations from the best players in the game, participate in contests, and play in fast paced Hometown Games (4v4 and 5v5).

Lets get after it while having a blast!

-Paul Carcaterra (P Carc)